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Hey Zoo Fans,

Our pathways are quieter now more than ever before and are missing the joy and laughter from families and field trips. Our facility is closed tentatively until May 1st due to the Coronavirus. We recognize that as an organization we need to remain resilient and connected. In an effort to bring the zoo to you we have started "A Home Zooventure". 

As learning has moved to home we want to help! Families can submit a video question for our team to respond. Let's give learning at home a wild spin. 

Please note that we will try our best to respond to as many videos as time allows.

Recording tips:

Does your kiddo have a question for the Abilene Zoo? We've got answers!

Submit your question for our team in video form by using the reply button below. We will reply via social media! 

Here are a few recording tips:

1. Introduce yourself and tell us your age!

2. Try to stay close to the screen when recording so that we can hear you really well. 

3. Keep the screen horizontal when recording.

4.  Try to keep your recording under 2 minutes.

We will try our very best to respond to as many videos as possible. Please note that we are not collecting any of your information. The answer and our response video will be posted on the Abilene Zoo social media channels.

Have fun and get creative!

Thank you for helping us to bring the zoo to you,

The team at the Abilene Zoo

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